September 2008

Gotta love me some Brewers!

If I were basing the post-season solely on who’s hotter, Cole Hamels would have a great advantage over the majority of the Brewers starters for Wednesday’s Game 1 of the NLDS. However, Dale Sveum has made the decision to go with Yovani Gallardo, and suddenly, looks are thrown out the window.

Now, I will argue to the grave that the 2008 Milwaukee Brewers are the best looking team in baseball, and Yovani’s not a bad looking guy. But I heart Cole Hamels. He makes my top 10 Hottest Baseball Players list, easy. However, based on pitching ability, I’m going with Gallardo. Now, I have to put my faith in what he was able to do last season, as he was injured the majority of 2008, but Yovani Gallardo has got some nasty stuff. That’s not to say Hamels won’t be able to hold his own. I’ve seen the guy pitch many times. But you just have to hand it to a young guy like Yovani, to come back from torn ligaments in both knees and still be able to pull off a start like he had last Thursday. Both pitchers are pretty evenly matched. Gallardo with a career 3.35 ERA, Hamels at 3.43. Granted, Cole Hamels has been pitching 2 more years in the majors than Gallardo, but when you break apart the stats, the two of them are pretty much even in Strikeouts, Walks, HRs and Innings Pitched. My money is on the younger of the two. (That would be Yovani, by about 3 years.)

But since you mentioned it, back to the hottest roster in baseball. Ok, ok, I don’t know a lot about the AL and their good looking guys, so I do base this solely on NL rosters. Except for Joe Mauer, and that’s only because of the interleague play The Brewers had with the Twins the last few years. Joe Mauer is Top 10 hot. But I mean, come on! Ryan Braun, JJ Hardy, Manny Parra–and those are just the young guys! There is the insanely ripped Gabe Kapler (thank you, Brewers management, for keeping him and not Gabe Gross!), and Dave Bush is sooo cute, beardless or not (but I prefer the beard). Then there’s Vinny Rottino, when he’s actually on the active roster, and I even admit to a little crush on Tony Gwynn, Jr. I mean, ridiculously good looking team. They’ve never been so cute as a whole before. And it’s just a bonus to get to watch this team in action because they are so easy to look at. Let’s face it, I can’t get too mad at Ryan Braun for not producing when he has abs like this!

Ok, that’s my little rant for today, and also, I just wanted to share that little eye candy with the ladies out there! But, I have dibs, so don’t get any ideas!


Here’s what’s on tap:

Brewers @ Phillies

Wednesday, Oct. 1

2pm central

(My Boys will take it.)


26 years in the making!!!!!

I have literally waited a lifetime for this: The Milwaukee Brewers have made it to the Post Season!!!!!

CC Sabathia led the Brewers to their most important win in 26 years. And it was another complete game. This guy is more of a team player than anyone who’s actually been on this team for more than 3 months.

And, again, Ryan Braun wins games. That guy is just amazing. I know he’s had a rough couple months, but a 2-run homerun to take the lead is all the Brewers needed. Well, that coupled with the Mets’ loss. I never thought I’d say it, but I heart Wes Helms! (And Dan Uggla.)

This is going to be brief, as I’m kind of drunk and reeeeeally hungry, but seriously, I’m ecstatic! And I must say, I’ve met some of the nicest Cubs fans today. Maybe it’s because this game really meant nothing to them, but still. Very Nice.

I am still in shock. The Brewers deserve this. I’ve been saying all season that it was going to happen. So this is for all you nay-sayers thinking the Brewers couldn’t pull it off. I could care less that the Cubs took the Central. MY Brewers made it to the post-season!

So I may be changing my tune a bit. Ryan Braun may win games. And so does CC Sabathia. But the Brewers, as a whole, make it to the post-season!!!!

So now it’s BOOOOOOO Phillies!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOO BREWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently superstitions aren’t enough to win ballgames

Sooooo I shed a few tears at today’s loss. I did all I could on my end to help the Brewers, but I guess it just wasn’t enough.

I wore my JJ Hardy jersey, in hopes of sparking his offense a bit. I set out my Chorizo shotglass on top of the TV. I made sure I talked to everyone that was present for the last 2 wins. When none of that helped, I changed into my Ryan Braun jersey, the one I wore last night. Then I filled the shotglass, because that’s what we did last night. Back to back hits followed those actions and a run soon scored. Oh, well, Ted Lilly. Your no-hitter was broken up yet again in the 7th by a man in a #8 jersey.

Then, just for some insurance, I put on my bridesmaid shoes. These shoes were proven to make the Brewers win games. They took sole posession of first in the NLC on July 26th because of those those. Sure, like any other superstition, they’ve failed me a couple times. But more often than not, they are winners. Today, they sparked 2 more runs to score. But then JJ (maybe because I took off his jersey?) couldn’t produce. And then neither could Corey Hart. Absolutely not surprised at that.

Personally, I wouldn’t have started Ben Sheets, either. I would’ve started Dave Bush knowing the bullpen was pretty rested from Seth McClung’s amazing 4 innings last night. But, Dale Sveum seems to know what he’s doing, as the Brewers entered today with a 5-game winning streak and a game over the Mets, for at least a couple innings. Stupid Marlins taking that away from us!

As I will be attending tomorrow’s final regular season game, and there is much to play for, the Brewers HAVE to pull off a win. At this point, I will settle for a tie-breaker. I’d rather not see one, but I’ll take it over a loss. I desperately want to see my Brewers in the post-season this year. These past 2 seasons have been too good to waste by throwing it away to the Cubs. Last night’s game was too good to waste. Those boys deserve a trip to the post-season, for sure. GO BREWERS!!!


One more game to clinch it!!!

Ok, quick post tonight. The Brewers are currently 1 game ahead of the Mets. Thank god. Make it 2 and clinch that post-season!!!!!!

Somehow, Jeff Suppan managed to pitch a pretty nice game tonight. I’m not sure if it was Sabathia in disguise or what but whatever. It worked out. Eight hits, but only one ER out of it. Ryan Dempster obviously did not have his best stuff, so kudos to him.

Seth McClung, however, did have his best stuff. Again. Four innings worth of his best stuff. Some sort of error happened during his first at-bat. Still not sure what it was, but either way, he got on. Then a balk. Then he made it to third. Then finally scored on Rickie’s homerun. Which, btw, was totally unexpected. I was very much waiting for him to fly, ground or strike out. Honestly, every time I saw Seth up to bat I wanted to hug Dale Sveum for realizing he needs to save as much of his relief as possible and keep whoever works out on the mound. And like I said before, Seth McClung is an obvious reliever. Thank god someone else of relative importance on the Brewers crew realizes it, too.

What I love most about tonight’s win is that Lou Piniella sent out his best crew tonight and they still lost, Some of the most slumping Brewers came up in big situations (Corey, Rickie, SUPPAN!), and Sveum made some great decisions. Also, the Cubs used 5 relievers, while the Brewers got by with the magic of only 1.

So, since the Mets had a sorry outing against the Marlins and the Brewers had their best game against the Cubs yet this season, the Brewers are sitting on the throne of first place in the NL WildCard. Not to mention the 2 Miller Lites I had tonight that won me both a Packers t-shirt and 20% off at, this was an amazing game. I wish I could’ve been at Miller Park for this one, too, but for now Ryan Braun’s grand slam will have to do.

I honestly hope the Brewers can clinch the WildCard tomorrow afternoon so that when I’m at the game Sunday, I can see Vinny Rottino actually do more than catch the first pitch. Maybe see Joe Dillon get a start at first and Tony Gwynn, Jr. in the outfield. I mean, I’d love for Sunday’s game to mean something, too, but I’d rather not worry about it. So Let’s Go Brewers! tomorrow. And BOOOOOOO METS! 


Ryan Braun wins games!

I should be tired, but I’m too giddy to sleep so I must write about the greatest Brewers game I’ve ever witnessed. Hands down.

First, Yovani Gallardo returned and although he only pitched 4 innings, they were great. Only 1 run allowed on 3 hits, while striking out 7. Not bad at all for a guy who hasn’t pitched since May 1st. Love that guy. If there weren’t only 3 games left, I’d say only pitch him and Sabathia for the rest of the season.

Next, I attended the game with my 2 best friends. When we go to games together, the Brewers win. The only game they lost was the most boring baseball game ever against the Marlins, which they lost in extra innings. So, now we have the spectrum from worst game ever to best game ever. We’ve had quite an array of wins, but surprisingly, most of them were against Pittsburgh. The 3 of us sat through the 12 inning game against the Pirates on JJ Hardy Bobblehead day. We attended July 4th win over the Pirates. And the August 22nd win over the Pirates, which until tonight, was our best game because of all the times we were on the scoreboard. Nikki was worried that the Brewers weren’t going to pull it off and wasn’t too excited to even go to tonight’s game, but I assured her that the Pirates were no threat and that the Brewers had to win because we were all going together. Look what happened!

Also, we all bought Sausage shot glasses. Not only are they pretty much the coolest shot glasses ever, but they’re coming with us to all games from now on. Such a great good luck charm. We also all bought cake and/or cheesecake for the first time at Miller Park (delicious, btw) so we’re pretty much gonna continue that tradition. Not to mention sitting in the club seats. That may or may not have had anything to do with the win, but I’m gonna say it did so I can sit on cushioned seats every game.

Now, on to the final Brewers at-bat. Rickie and Ray were already on. We were pretty sure that it was Bill Hall that wins games, given his tendency to score homeruns, walk-off or not, that end up winning the game. When we saw that Counsell was pinch hitting, our tune changed a bit. Craig Counsell does not usually win games. We were all pretty sure Ryan wasn’t even gonna get to swing a bat again until the 11th. Way to go, Jesse Chavez, for walking 2 and allowing Ryan to get that fateful at-bat. We all started swinging those rally towels and chanting “Ryan Braun Wins Games!” while Nikki recorded his at-bat. Molly suggested having someone take our picture but decided to wait until Ryan was done. Then he hit it. I’ve never screamed so loudly before. The entire place erupted. I’ve never heard Miller Park get that loud. It was just the best feeling ever. A walk-off grand slam. Ryan’s first of his career and the Brewers first of the season. That was the most incredible game ever.

I know the Brewers have had some pretty amazing games in the past, but I love being part of the Ryan Braun era in Milwaukee. You watch a guy come up and do what he’s done for this team, how can you not love it? I’m not sure Ryan will ever surpass Robin Yount as my all-time fave, but he’ll sure get close. It’s just nice to see that he’s still got it in him after this last month he’s had. I just seriously LOVE that guy!

Now, it’s a shame the Cubbies couldn’t pull off a win tonight. At least the Brewers kept pace with Ryan’s beauty. I’m just slightly worried about this weekend’s series with the Cubs, and I reeeeally hope the Marlins can knock the Mets down a peg or three. But honestly, either way, this has been a great season. Topsy-turvy, no doubt. But certainly great.


Ryan Doumit has devil eyes, but Prince Fielder is a god!

Holy Prince Fielder! The current NL Player of the Week is on a tear. A couple slumps earlier in the season definitely would drop on my importance meter, if I had such a thing. This guy is unstoppable and it couldn’t have come at a better time. As the stat of his first career walk-off homerun came on the screen, I said that it would be too fitting if he was able to do it again. And then he hit it. That beautiful bomb into the Tundra Territory. That’s twice now against the Pirates, both HRs scoring 2 runs.

The last time we saw the Pirates at Miller Park, the game ended up going to the Brewers in 12. I was behind the dugout til the end and it was well worth it. Tonight, sitting on my couch, I was very much hoping for the game to end. Number one, extra innings just aren’t the same when you’re not at the game, and two, I could hardly keep my eyes open. (Sorry, I’m a baby.) So thank you, Prince Fielder, for allowing me to turn the television off with a smile on my face.

And how about that Mike Cameron? I think he sparked a lot of offense tonight. Two doubles, scored a run, two RBIs. Not too shabby. Not to mention Ryan Braun clawing his way out of his current slump. I’m gonna just call it an inside the park HR for my own sake. It makes me that much happier.

Of course, like the rest of the city, I was scoreboard watching. David Wright tying the Cubs early on was just a bad sign. And I know I shouldn’t be concerning myself with what Philly is doing, but when the Mets win and they lose, my stomach gets a little shaky. The Mets are still in it to win the NL East. I guess as long as the Brewers keep winning, it’ll make me feel a little better.

So, minus Mota’s hiccup in the 8th, tonight made me quite happy. I think Dale Sveum is starting to make some good decisions and the team is starting to pick up as a whole. This is still possible! Yay!

And Ryan Doumit’s black eyes make me very uncomfortable. Just in case anyone cared.


Um, go Cubs?

For four games, and four games only, I will be cheering the Cubs to victory over the Mets. It may be the only hope we Brewers fans have. We’re pretty confident the Brewers can sweep the Pirates for the 4th time this season, but we also know the Cubs are coming back to Miller Park. And, as the entire baseball world knows, the Brewers didn’t fare so well the last time.

So, as much as it pains me to say, go Cubs. Please sweep the Mets so that my Brewers have a chance to finish what they started. I don’t want to watch another great season end so abrubtly.

It’s still not over. In the WC, at least.

I’m extremely tired from driving to and from Cincinnati in less than 36 hours, so I’m gonna make this brief.

Friday could go down as one of the most unforgettable games of the season. Losing to the Reds 11-2 is almost unforgivable. Jeff Suppan is far past his prime. Manny Parra hasn’t pitched like a starter since before the All-Star break. And the lack of offense was inexcusable.

Saturday’s game came at least came close. I will go on record saying Cincinnati fans are some of the nicest people. And there were a lot of Brewers fans representing, too. But again, close isn’t good enough. A 9th inning rally only works if the runners don’t get left out there. Rickie Weeks had a pretty good game, including a homerun, which was pretty shocking to me. I don’t like Ray Durham being hurt, but if Rickie can continue to produce, I’ll look past it. Prince has been hitting well lately and I don’t fault him for the final strikeout. Coco’s a nasty closer. I miss him.

I refused to turn today’s game on in the car because I was still steaming from yesterday. When I finally broke down to check the score it was 8-1 in the bottom of the 9th and I knew, barring another horrible outing by Salomon Torres, the game was in the bag for the Brewers.

Thankfully, the Mets lost today, putting the Brewers back within a game and a half in the NLWildcard. The Cubs clinched the NLC yesterday, and I’m ok with that. I expect them to choke in the post season just like they always do.

Tomorrow is a day off for the Brewers. Hopefully they’ll regroup and come back to play on Tuesday knowing they have to sweep the Pirates if they want to have a chance at overtaking the Mets. I still haven’t lost faith in this team. I think they know what they need to do in these final 6 and I think they’re perfectly capable of getting it done.


Crew v. Cinci on Saturday. Watch for me on FOX!

It’s hard to believe that Saturday will mark my first Brewers away game in my 25 years. It’s even harder to believe that when I made plans to go to Cincinnati at the end of August, I had no concerns for the Brewers blowing their Wildcard lead.

In those 3 weeks, the Crew has dropped 13 out of 17, thus dropping 1 1/5 games behind the Mets in the Wildcard. Now, as I take a break from packing for my 8 hour drive, I wonder what went wrong. How does a team go from having the best record in the National League, to having one of the worst? I find myself questioning decisions from the past 5 months, wondering if the outcome for September would’ve been different. I can’t help but think if Ned Yost were let go earlier, would the Brewers be in en entirely different position now?

There are too many things to consider when you look at the Brewers sorry September. Just about everyone’s numbers are down. Pitchers are growing weary, the offense is either trying too hard or not enough, obvious staff shake-ups are taking their tolls–all in all, who’s to blame? I try not to think about it too hard, but it’s really hard not to.

These final 3 series are crucial. I’m not driving all the way to Cincinnati for a loss, that’s for sure. The Brewers have only dropped 3 games in my presence this season so, the odds are for them while I’m in the stands. And I’ll do my best to represent. You won’t see me on national television with my head slumped or screaming at Sveum from my seat. Well, mainly because I probably won’t make it on TV. I’m gonna be the happiest girl on the face of the earth if the Crew can get a win tomorrow. And tonight and Sunday, and the last 6 games for that matter.

Actually, you know what would make me the happiest? Not letting the Cubs clinch. I know the Brewers elimination number is 2 in the NLC, so how about staying in the Central, kinda, aaaaaand taking the Wildcard? THAT would make me the happest girl on the face of the planet.


You know, the Brewers should’ve walked away with a series win today, easy. Here’s who I blame, in no particular order, because all, in the end, made equally stupid mistakes.

1. Dave Bush. The guy gives up homeruns, no question. His 2 today should’ve been the only two Cubs runs. I’m not questioning his pitching. However, tagging at second on a hit to the right field wall? Stupid. He’s lucky he made it to third, but he should’ve gotten all the way around.

2. Ryan Braun. Again, not producing at the plate. Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy. Normally. But he’s lacking in offense, and has been all month. I hate to say it, but I think Prince needs to give him some pointers.

3. Garth Iorg. What is with the baserunning from second on? How many stupid mistakes were made today with RISP? Now, I don’t know how many of those mistakes can trail back to Iorg, but I’m guessing a lot of them. Which brings me to the runners…

4. JJ Hardy. He should’ve never tried to reach home in the 9th with Fukudome throwing the ball. With no outs, I might add. And then he got caught in that rundown. Just stay at third when it’s extra innings like that. You can’t afford to make mistakes in a situation like that.

5. Corey Hart. Why try to make it to third, with Soto throwing, and the wild pitch wasn’t really that wild? Especially immediately after Hardy was thrown out at home? There was only 1 out. Hardy already made a baserunning mistake, we certainly didn’t need another one in the same inning, with a 4 run lead.

6. SALOMAN TORRES. Idiot. You had a 4 run lead. You had 2 outs. You had it made. Ridiculous. Horrible mistake keeping him in there for the entire 9th. A guy gives up a run in the bottom of the 9th and you still have the lead, he comes out. No questions. After the Cubs tied it on Soto’s homerun, Torres should’ve walked himself to the dugout. I honestly thought there would be more serious damage on the way. Whiiiiich brings me to….

7. Dale Sveum. I’m just gonna blow right past the decision to not play Mike Rivera again. At least let him pinch hit. (Rickie Weeks was for sure a poor choice, as was Dillon. At least Brad Nelson had some pop in his bat.) I’m not really going to touch on the fact that Braun needs a break, even though I’m not sure who would take his place. What really bothers me is that Torres was allowed to continue pitching after a 2-out run scored in the bottom of the 9th. I understand he used 7 relievers last night, but he’s got enough of them. All they needed was an out, Torres couldn’t get it. Time to take him out. Simple as that.

8. Carlos Villanueva. You’re in the bottom of the 12th of a tied game. You have 2 outs. Derrek Lee is batting. Be careful. ‘Nough said.

On the flipside, Coffey, Gagne and Mota all came in and all got their jobs done. Seth McClung, who was scheduled to start tomorrow night and also completely warmed up last night, came in for the 10th and 11th and was absolutely lights out. I’ve never seen McClung so on top of his game before. The guy is clearly a reliever and probably should’ve been in the bullpen all season, but O.M.G. (In a good way.) I’d let him have a chance at closing after today’s performance. Afterall, he did the job he was supposed to do, it was the offense that couldn’t pull off the win.

All in all, I’d say the entire teams needs to step up. Clearly, no one person was at fault for today’s loss, and you can’t usually pin it on one guy anyway. But TWELVE left on base? Unacceptable. This team needs to learn to produce when they have the chance. You can’t be up in the 12th inning of a tied game with runners at 1st and 3rd, with no outs, and not score runners.

As I write this, the Phillies are currently leading. Whatev. I could care less about the Phillies at this point. However, the Mets are leading, as well, 7-0. Certainly the Brewers know they can’t expect the Nationals to win every game just to help their cause. Then again, maybe they don’t.

All I know is tomorrow’s game has to go well, or Cincinnati is not going to be a pleasant place for me to be Saturday.