February 2009

Looper scratched, Braunie’s gone, but another win

A sneeze may have done Braden Looper in a couple days ago. A sneeze. I don’t want to jump to any conclusions here, but I can’t another Ben Sheets on my hands. Just kidding. I have a pretty good feeling Looper will not be the big baby that Sheets was in his last couple seasons with the Crew.

Eduardo Morlan stepped up to the mound and went for 2 innings, giving up 3 walks and 1 hit, but surrendering no runs. Matt Ginter was the dark spot on an otherwise bright day for the Brewers, going 2/3 of an inning, giving up 2 hits, 2 walks and 2 runs. Not shockingly, he also has a 2 in his jersey number.

Ryan Braun headed off to Florida for training for Team USA after finishing today’s game with 2 hits and an RBI. The Brewers are now 2-1 in ST, with an 8-5 win over the Angels. (But the stupid Cubs are 4-0. Lame.)

Tomorrow the Brewers will be hosted by the Giants and Dave Bush, making a very concerted effort to break into the Top 10 Hotties list, will be making his first start of Spring. Today’s pic (41 Days!) is of my favorite high socks-wearing pitcher. So cute!

Dave Bush wears those socks like nobody’s business. Love it!

Quick recap, with 42 days to go

I’m off to the opera tonight (yes, the opera), so I have to make today’s post pretty brief.

The Brewers have their first Spring Training win, with an 8-5 victory over the Oakland A’s. Top 10 Hottie Manny Parra pitched 2 shut-out innings in his first start and so did Mark DiFelice. The Crew had 14 hits against 8 Oakland pitchers, including 5 doubles and an Angel Salome 2-run HR in the 9th. Here’s to hoping these double-digit hitting games (and wins) continue.

Tomorrow the Brewers host the LA Angels at Maryvale and will start Braden Looper against Shane Loux, both non-roster invitees. Trevor Hoffman is also slated to pitch in tomorrow’s game, and Ryan Braun will most likely play the duration, as he leaves Sunday to play for Team USA in the World Baseball Classic.

Counting down to Opening Day at Miller Park, today’s pic is indeed not a picture from a game, but just a small showcase of how I mix the Brewers into my job any chance I get. As a visual merchandiser, I do what I can to work baseball into my daily routine.


Brewers display in the Kid’s Department, Spring 2007

Another game, another Classic, another pic

The Brewers traveled to Mesa, AZ to play the Cubs on this second day of Spring Training. The outcome wasn’t too favorable, but a couple of my boys did pull out some good stuff.

The Brewers out hit Chicago 12 to 10, but the final score stood at 7-4 in favor of the Cubs. Yovani Gallardo went up against Sean Marshall for each of their first starts of Spring, and Gallardo struggled through his one inning, walking 2 and allowing 1 hit, but did come up clean with no runs allowed. My boy Seth McClung didn’t fare so well, either, ending his 1 2/3 innings with a 21.60 ERA. Ouch.

JJ Hardy doubled twice, Mike Cameron homered and former Pirate Chris Duffy put up a triple for the Crew. A few players shined in today’s game, but it just wasn’t enough to beat out the Cubs. Tomorrow Milwaukee travels back to Phoenix and will be hosted by the A’s and Hottie Manny Parra will make his first start. Hopefully they come up with a win this time.

My Classic game today is the 2007 Opening Day win over the LA Dodgers. I just love it when I catch these games. For those of you that remember, this was a complete game for Ben Sheets, a 7-1 gem. I vaguely remember, as I tailgated my little heart out starting at 9am that day, but just a great game all in all.

Today’s pic is pre-game, pre-drunkenness from that awesome day. Me and my ladies bartended the famous Leff’s Opening Day Tailgate party, met some really awesome people and then spent the entire next day in bed. Man, I can’t wait for the season to start!


Nik, me and Mol representing at the Leff’s tent

Yay baseball!!!

Ah, the first game of Spring Training! The window to the regular season has been opened and as of right now, I’m liking the view.

The Brewers hosted the Oakland A’s at Maryvale Baseball Park for the first match-up of ST and, after 10 innings, ended with a 3-3 tie.

Oakland scored first with a Bobby Crosby HR off of Jeff Suppan in the 2nd inning but Corey Hart, my current least favorite Brewer, answered with a solo shot in the 4th. (Do you think it’s possible he knows I’m not a fan and is trying to get on my good side?) But then Travis Buck had his own HR, a 2-run shot off Jorge Julio, in the 5th to put Oakland back in the lead.

The Brewers were far from out of it though. Altogether, 20 position players/pinch hitters gathered 12 hits, with the big 2-run rally coming in the 8th, tying the game at 3, where the score would sit for the next 2 innings.

Here’s what I like about Spring Training: you still get to see (or hear, or in my case, read about) baseball, yet just about everyone gets a chance to play. It’s kind of like t-ball or neighborhood baseball leagues when I was little. You know, how it’s important for everyone to play so that they get a chance to practice and learn the basics and have fun. But at the same time, what these guys do for the next 40 days or so is pretty determinate of what they’ll be doing the 180 days to follow. Now, if only Corey Hart can keep it up…

And I noticed the Cubs beat the Dodgers today. God, that must have just felt like such sweet redemption after losing 3 in a row to LA in the postseason last year. Haha!

But now, on to today’s countdown pic. Even though there is nothing representative of the Brewers, trust that this was indeed taken at Miller Park. The temperatures here in Wisconsin reached nearly 50 today, so it got me thinking about flip flops and how much I miss wearing them. Nik, Mol and I pretty much inadvertently wore the same navy flip flops to every Brewers game we went to together so, naturally, it became tradition. (Much like the Ryan Braun cut-out pic, the cupcakes and the pinas.) And, every game, we took a picture of our feet. Here’s just one of those pics, with 44 days to go.


Clockwise from left: me, Nik and Mol



I heart Brewers classics

Well, American Idol isn’t on tonight and most shows are in reruns. What’s a girl to do?? Watch old Brewers games, of course!

I happened upon this Classic on FSN Wisconsin just aimlessly flipping through channels. Brewers v. Twins from 6/25/05. As it’s the bottom of the 5th and the Brewers are down by 3, I’ve yet to discover why it’s considered a classic, but I could see a couple reasons, I guess.

It was Rickie Weeks’s first homerun in the majors, then a couple innings later, his first triple. It was Ryan Braun’s first on-air interview after signing with the Brewers. (Even then, you could see he was gonna be a big deal. That guy never lacked confidence.)

What I’m loving most about watching this nearly 4-year-old game is seeing all the little baby players! I’ve always been a Brewers fan, but I got obsessed only a couple years ago, so it’s just so funny to see some of these guys. Prince Fielder is thin(ner) and just hanging out on the bench, JJ Hardy looks like a teenager and Geoff Jenkins had a full head of hair. And Baby Top 10 Hottie Joe Mauer! Awe!

It’s games like this that make me remember that this team used to have guys like Carlos Lee, Lyle Overbay and Wes Helms. I forget about things like that because these days all you notice is the core group of young guys the Brewers have that have come all the way up through the farm system.

So anyways, I just thought I’d mention a teeny bit about baseball tonight other than my countdown pic. You know, even if it is just talking about an old game. (PS, Princey just hit his first HR in the majors. A pinch-hit 3-run dinger for the lead. That’s what makes this game a Classic!)

So, speaking of old games, tonight’s pic, with 45 days til the Home Opener, is of Mol and I with our 1982 pennants. True, we weren’t even born yet, but those are actual pennants from the greatest season in Brewers history. That night was an unfortunate loss to the Cardinals, during a recreation of the ’82 Suds Series. Regardless, it was a big tribute to the 1982 American League East Champs, the entire team was there to be celebrated and we had an absolute blast.

Mol, me, crazy-awesome pennants


Best birthday so far

Two seasons ago, the Brewers played a 3 game series against the Giants the weekend of my birthday, and as part of my present, my friends agreed to dress up like the Klement’s World Famous Racing Sausages. We tailgated, had the coolest cookie cake ever (thanks, Mom!) and I got a birthday message up on the scoreboard (thanks, Aunt Linda!).

The Brewers may have lost that game, but we had the best time. Party hats, noisemakers–we got our whole section in on the celebrating. I couldn’t have asked for a better time for my birthday. So here are a few pics commemorating that night as my photo countdown to the Home Opener continues. 46 Days!


hardy cookie.jpg

It was indeed a Hardy Birthday. Best cake ever!


Brett Wurst (Nik), Stosh (Mol), Guido (Sproatt), Frankie (Tim) and Chorizo (me)

2 bday hats.jpg

Aunt Linda had TWO party hats!


And, just because it’s been bothering me, I’m fully aware of my misspellings in yesterday’s post. Sorry about that. I’m usually more attentive. Featured and possesion. I’ll try my best to keep the mistakes to a mininum.

48 and 47 days left

Oops. Slight hangover = forgetting to post my countdown pic yesterday. So here are 2 pics of one of my fave memories from last season.

Although my friends and I have been featuresd on the scoreboard on various occasions, this was probably the most exciting. Mol and I went to see CC pitch his first game as a Brewer, had awesome seats and got there early enough to have our pic taken with Ryan Braun. (OK, a cardboard cut-out of Ryan Braun. Regardless, it was tradition during the entire season and had to be done.)

FINALLY, after nearly 3 months of trying, our picture made it! It was definitely the kisses and leg pops that got ours chosen over the super-cute little kids in front of us in line.


Mol, Ryan and me.


free shirt.jpg

Um, we still have the certificate in our posession and have yet to pick up our Ryan Braun tshirt. I hope they let us get one this season…


From Miller Park to Bryant Park

Well, maybe not. But it seems my favorite Brewer is dabbling a bit in fashion these days. Ryan Braun has come out with a tshirt line called Remetee. (You can read all about it here.)

I guess it wasn’t enough to just wear his friends’ Affliction tees. Braun has come up with his own tees and has done much of the work himself, from the design to the staffing. It seems like he’s got a lot going for him with this venture so far, and good for him.

Now, if only I could somehow get him to finance my line of Brewers shirts…

And on that note, today’s pic, with 49 days to go, is of one of many of the tops I’ve designed.  This is one of the most recent. Now, I’m not licensed, so any of you out there that could potentially get me in trouble with MLB, just know that I’ve never made a profit off any of my shirts and all are made from repurposing previously purchased Brewers merchandise. But hey, if any of you do have any pull with MLB, maybe you could help me out! Touting some of my Braun-esque confidence, I think I’ve got some really good stuff and would love to get something going.


Navy short-sleeved, half-zip hoodie with gold/white Brewers script logo. (You may recognize it from my Brewers On Deck photos. Way cuter on, right?)

50 Days

Besides the baseball (obviously), my favorite thing about Miller Park are the awesome pina coladas. And Jonathan is a big fan of ours, so we always get extra rum. LOVE!


Me, Jonathan, Mol and Nik, Macy’s Outing 6/20/08

Counting down, one picture at a time

51 days til the Home Opener!

Today’s pic is from the Leff’s Lucky Town Opening Day Tailgate from 2007. Awesome party, great game. This year’s will be the Leadoff Tailgate. Second day, same party. Check it out! The 3 lovely ladies will be tending bar, as usual, and John and the rest of the Love Monkeys will be there, too. And the Cubs will be going down!



Me, John, Nik and Mol, Opening Day ’07