May 2009

What do you know? Bill Hall can still win games!

I’m gonna go ahead and just skip right past the sweep in Minneapolis this weekend. I’m not gonna go into the starting pitching that fell apart or the offense that could barely produce. I won’t dwell on the terrible playing conditions at the even more terrible Metrodome. I won’t mention the astroturf or white roof–none of that matters now.

What matters is Yovani Gallardo struck out Albert Pujols (among others) and held the Cardinals scoreless for 8 innings yesterday. What matters is Trevor Hoffman came in in a non-save situation and got 3 outs on 7 pitches. Bill Hall does still win games! That’s what matters.

The Brewers are alone again in first place and are so far 4 for 4 in wins over St. Louis, who have now fallen a game behind. And Cincinnati has climbed above the Cubs (Ha! Fourth!) to sit comfortably at third. Well, until the Brewers knock them down a bit more after this coming weekend series.

And Ken Macha sure has had to make some interesting decisions regarding his roster as of late. I’m not sure what the future holds for Mat Gamel after his stint at DH against the Twins didn’t go so well over the weekend. Although, it’s not entirely his fault–there was very little offense to speak of. Outfielder Frank Catalanotto was called up yesterday and lefty RJ Swindle was sent back down to Triple A to make room. Casey McGehee has been doing a fair job filling in at both 2nd and 3rd as needed and there are currently 5 outfielders to play around with, as Tony Gwynn, Jr. was traded to the Padres to follow in his Hall Of Famer dad’s footsteps for veteran Jody Gerut.

As I leave for Las Vegas with the ladies early tomorrow morning, there won’t be any posts for awhile. We will make it a point to watch the Brewers vs. Reds on Friday afternoon while we’re placing some bets at the sports book at ESPN Zone, though. I’m sooooo excited!

And speaking of excitement, here’s a glimpse of what I did this weekend!

This was 2 weeks ago. Mol and I signing our lives away before skydiving! (We were postponed until this past Sunday.)

All ready to go! Sort of. I don’t think you’re ever 100% ready to throw yourself out of a plane!


Mol, Nik and I. Nik wasn’t part of our jump group, but she was just as crazy as we were!

Yep. That’s me way up there!


Nik and her husband, all ready!


Success! Eight went up, and eight came down…well, safely, anyway! Seriously, one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever done and would sooooo do it again!


But back to baseball, tonight it’s Jeff Suppan (3-3, 4.71 ERA) on the mound against Adam Wainwright (4-2, 3.41 ERA). Unfortunately, I’ll probably sleep through most of the game, I we’ve got a super-early flight tomorrow.

Go Brewers!


My view at work

Since my days are spent basically playing dress-up with life-size Barbie dolls and it’s frowned upon to wear Brewers apparel to work, I miss baseball a lot. It’s no fair that while day games are being played, I’m stuck in a mall when I should be enjoying the outdoors at the ballpark.

I never realized it until today just how much Brewers-related stuff adorns my little corner of the store. Surprisingly, a lot of it just appears. People know about my obsession, so on occasion I find presents left on my desk. But, of course, most of it comes from me and my inability to be without baseball for more than a couple of hours at a time.

Today I decided to take some pictures to share with all of you the craziness that is me. Enjoy!


big schedule.JPG Ah, Ryan Braun. This is one of many schedules around my desk. I keep track of wins and losses on it. It’s been great to make nothing but W’s the last SEVEN games!!! (One more after tonight, I’m sure. Astros are going down!)


braun kleenex.JPG At one point during last season, I had the whole office plastered with the entire team’s player profiles. I decided to only keep Braun’s up. And I also use Brewers kleenex. And yes, that is Blue from Blue’s Clues. And yes, that is a painting of Kit Kat Clocks.


bobbles.JPG The mini helmets are from my many experiences with Miller Park cheese fries. (I don’t even want to tell you how many of those I have!) The Ted Simmons and Pete Vuckovich bobbles were doubles, so I took them to work. The JJ Hardy bobble was on my desk for days before I even noticed it. One of a few nice gifts left for me!



The cabinet above my desk boasts the almost complete collection of Famous Racing Sausage magnets (I lack the Italian.), pics of me with Ryan and JJ, a pic of me dressed as Ryan for Halloween, a pic of me and the gang dressed as the Famous Racing Sausages, as well as a super-sweet game-winning high-five pic that Mol left me. (That was a lot of hyphens!) She cleverly put it up on the side of the cabinet, so again, days before I even noticed it! Oh, and another schedule, in case the other one wasn’t big enough.



(Yes, that’s just how messy my desk is.) Ah, day-by-day Brewers calendar. I learn so much from you! And it gets to sit next to Dwight K. Schrute, who routinely answers some pretty pressing questions for me. And I can’t believe I cut him off, but you can almost see my Italian Sausage pin tacked to the bulletin board up towards the top. He’s in place of the missing magnet.

So, there it is: I’m a Brewers nerd. It’s pretty out in the open now. There’s no more hiding from it. Not like I ever really tried to hide.

But, I knew I’d have a lot of time to kill between getting home from work and the start of tonight’s game/American Idol finale (Go Brewers!!! Go Kris!!!), so I figured I’d show you just a little taste of my crazy obsession. And I’d love to eventually be able to post pictures of some mannequins in Brewers gear, but so far, only Cubs stuff has shown up! Crazy! Apparently the buyers in New York like to treat Milwaukee as a suburb of Chicago instead of actually doing research on demographics. Idiots.

Gallardo v. Rodriguez.

Go Brewers!


10 for 10!

Trevor Hoffman has really been showing Milwaukee fans why he’s the all-time saves leader.

Tonight’s 4-2 lead over the Astros was preserved, yet again, by Hoffman, who’s currently perfect in saves opportunities for the Brewers.

Starting pitcher Dave “Love the Socks, Trim the Beard” Bush got the win and is now 3-0. He went 6 innings, striking out 2, walking only 1 and had 2 hit batters, but both the Astros runs belonged to him. Houston’s pitching looked better on paper, and they needed one less out of the bullpen than Milwaukee, but giving up 5 walks definitely contributed to their loss.

Also announced today was the call-up of infielder Hernan Irabarren as a 3rd potential replacement for the injured Rickie Weeks. Craig Counsell got the start last night against Kyle Lohse and Casey McGehee was in tonight to face lefty Mike Hampton. Irabarren will probably be used sparingly, because, like Counsell, he bats left-handed. His only start for the Brewers so far came last September and, even though it was at second base, he’s spent some time in the outfield, too. This could come in handy for Ken Macha down the line with Chris Duffy being the only backup for the outfield.

With tonight’s win comes a 7-game winning streak and a 3-game lead over the now tied second place teams, the Cubs and Cardinals. St. Louis beat Chicago 3-0, bringing them back into second, but as long as the Brewers keep this hot streak alive, there should be no need to get too worked up about what those 2 teams are doing.

Tomorrow night’s match-up is Yovani Gallardo (4-1, 3.09 ERA) against another lefty, Wandy Rodriguez (4-2, 1.90 ERA). Gallardo got an extra day’s rest after starting a rained out game in St. Louis last Friday, so let’s hope he comes out fresh tomorrow.

Go Brewers!


(W) Eeeeeek! (s)

Rickie Weeks is out for the season. Damnit.

Just when I was starting to like the guy, he goes and tears a sheath surrounding a tendon in his left wrist. Huh? Regardless, Weeks has been insane so far in 2009 and and the Brewers lead-off spot will be hard to fill.

As far as replacing Weeks on the everyday roster, there are a couple of key infielders down in Triple-A Nashville that are contenders. Hernan Irabarren is the most likely to make the short trip to St. Louis to join the team for tonight’s game. And the recent addition of Mat Gamel in place of the already forgotten Brad Nelson allows a bit more play on the infield for manager Ken Macha, not to mention another left-handed bat.

This injury couldn’t have come at a worse time. The Brewers stand alone in first place after knocking the Cardinals down in the first 2 games of the series. Tonight’s make-up game from Friday puts former Card’s starter Braden Looper (3-2, 4.7 ERA) on the mound against Kyle Lohse (3-2, 4.25 ERA). Hopefully the Brewers will be riding high and breeze through the next few series on this roadtrip. And, hopefully the Cardinals and Cubs will stay at bay for a bit longer.

Oh, and stop being such whiners, St. Louis. The Brewers can untuck their shirts and celebrate their wins. Or maybe you’re just upset that they’ve won the last 8 of 9 games played at your stadium and are just trying to make them look bad. Well, prepare for 9 of 10 and have fun in 3rd place!

Go Brewers!

(Sorry, Rickie! We’ll miss you!)


Not that anyone asked, but here’s my two cents

I have never enjoyed the Happy Youngster’s blog. I want to read about Brewers baseball, not the circumstances of some 30 year old getting baseballs.

The bullpen coach threw it to me. I caught some BP homers. I put on the opposing team’s hat and called out a first name (“Anyone can read the back of a jersey.”). Big effing deal.

I like writing about the Brewers and if you’re going to post yourself as a Brewers blogger, I’m gonna be a hell of a lot more interested in reading about the happenings of the actual game, not your lame conquests of doing what any 10 year old with a glove and a loud voice could do.

I don’t make it a habit to read Nick what’s-his-name’s blog, but when I stumbled across an article on AOL about a rookie MLB player’s homerun ball, I naturally read it. I read almost anything baseball related I come across, because, unlike Happy, I enjoy baseball for the sport. When I saw it involved a Brewers-Marlins game, I was almost certain I knew it would also involve said blogger.

Keep in mind, only because tonight’s battle of the two NL Central first place teams was rained out am I even writing about this. I already spent more time than necessary reading comments on Happy’s blog after I read the article on AOL. However, I feel I must say something about this whole situation because I’m a fan of, not only the Brewers, but baseball in general.

Chris Coghlan hits his first major league homerun. It’s a pretty big deal. When you’re only, what? 22, 23 years old? It’s a huge accomplishment. The Florida Marlins obviously have enough stock in this kid to bring him up to the Bigs and guess what? He delivered.

Sure, Happy is a ballhawk. Yes, catching homerun balls is a big deal to him. Has he bartered for homerun balls before? Probably. But is having homerun catch no. 50 worth more to him than Coghlan having the ball from his first Major League homerun? Apparently so.

According to Happy’s latest post, he clearly says when the Marlins offered another ball in exchange for the HR ball, that he already has over 775 balls and doesn’t need another one. Then give up the ball right then. What’s the point? Having a couple bats instead? Wow. That’s an enormous difference.

Now, as I’ve said already, I don’t care about catching game balls. I don’t care about batting practice or foul balls or any of that. I like watching baseball for baseball. That doesn’t mean I’ve never wondered what I would do if I miraculously caught such an important ball. As I don’t own a glove and never have or never will bring one with me to a game, it probably won’t happen, but it doesn’t stop me from wondering. I’m sure I wouldn’t be smart enough to request something other than what was offered to me in exchange and you know what? That’s fine. If it was me that caught Coghlan’s ball and the Marlins staff offered me a signed ball in exchange, I’d say okay. I have other player’s autographs. Guess what? They’re really not worth anything. Will anyone pay me for Ryan Braun’s autograph? Probably not. Go to a game, go to a Brewers sponsored event. You’ll get one of your own. But, in the moment, if some official from any MLB team came up to me and said, “Hey, that’s his first homerun. It’s a pretty big deal to him.” then proceeded to offer me anything in exchange for it, I’d give it up right then and there because I AM NOT A MARLINS FAN! What the eff would I want with his ball? Let the freaking kid have it!

Here’s my reasonable comparison to the whole thing. Imagine that Chris Coghlan was the now free agent Brad Nelson. Brad had a pretty damn good Spring. He made his first Major League roster this April (not counting the call-up last September. This is the one that matters.). Aside from him sucking at the plate, he’s had some pretty close calls. He’s a power hitter. Is it out of the question for Nelson to hit a HR? Absolutely not. So, say Brad Nelson is still with the Brewers and he hits his first homerun in the Majors and the Happy Youngster, because he’s just THAT GOOD, happens to catch it. Now there are numerous people from the Brewers staff requesting he give up the ball for a Brad Nelson signed ball, maybe even a bat because, you know, it’s only Brad Nelson. Instead, Happy requests not only those 2 items, but also a Ryan Braun game used bat because he’s the stud of Milwaukee. And while you’re at it, throw in some Marquee Game Diamond Box seats to the next Cubs series. Does that sound at all reasonable? HELL NO! So why does it seem reasonable to ask for a Hanley Ramirez game used bat? He had nothing to do with Coghlan’s homerun! And why tickets to a game that takes place in Florida? Even if Happy gets himself down there, why? That just doesn’t make any sense to me.

Regarless, as I’ve said already, I’m not a fan of the Happy Youngster. I don’t want to get too much into the why’s and why not’s of it, but national news? Hardly. Let Coghlan have his ball. Don’t be greedy. This kid has worked his whole life to get where he is. Happy puts on a glove and an opposing team’s gear and thinks he’s owed the world for standing in the bleachers for batting practice. I don’t care how many balls you’ve caught. I don’t care that you tie a freaking string to your glove and steal balls out of a bullpen. I don’t care that you have a youtube video at Spring Training or people that wear your lame tshirt. Respect the sport for sport, for the people that love the game and the players that live to play. This thing shouldn’t have ever become such a controversy but quite honestly, I’m kind of glad it did because otherwise I would’ve never had an excuse to vent any of this. Ordinarily I wouldn’t be like this, but I’m glad I was able to get it out. It feels pretty good.


This chick sure digs the long ball!

Sorry for the hiatus. I promised a Monday post and, as it’s now Wednesday, this one is going to be a bit longer than I had anticipated. (Good thing I was taking notes all weekend!)

Friday. Brewers 3, Cubs 2

Danny Gokey Day here in Milwaukee proved to be eventful. The poor guy looked crazy tired, but he managed to belt out a pretty amazing National Anthem.


The first pitch? That didn’t go as well. A bit high, but at least it crossed the plate.

Gah, how annoying to have that American Idol camera that close to your face since 5am!

On to the game. Dave Bush, my favorite high-socks wearing pitcher, gave up a couple of runs early on, but then settled into a nice (eh) pitcher’s duel with Randy Wells (?). We all know I’d rather see some action. I guess I did when Aramis Ramirez separated his shoulder diving to stop a Ryan Braun liner to third. And, sorry that he got hurt and all, but the ball was still in play. Run to second, RB. Granted, there wasn’t really any more offense that inning, but still. JJ Hardy smacked a homerun in the sixth for the first Brewers run and Braun blasted one after a wild pitch advanced Corey Hart in the bottom of the eighth to take the lead and prompt a nice 1-2-3 visit to the mound by Trevor Hoffman.

Ah, Hell’s Bells. Can’t get enough! (Love the leg kick!)


Saturday. Brewers 12, Cubs 6

As we were unable to skydive due to low cloud cover (boo!), we all pretty much just sat around and drank until it was time for the game. Then we watched and drank some more. Since it was the longest baseball game known to man (not including a 20-ish minute delay due to the lights going out at Miller Park), you can imagine how much that might have been.

This is the kind of game I love. I’m not much for favoring pitchers and defense in a game. Give me the bats and the long ball. That’s what I live for. The Brewers got an early lead, and held on to it. Yovani Gallardo may have only pitched 5 innings, but he managed to hold the Cubs to 2 runs. The score stood at 3-2 in favor of the Crew until the bottom of the seventh, when Milwaukee batted around and then some, scoring 6 runs along the way, including back-to-back homers by Craig Counsell (haha!) and Ryan Braun. Braun’s came after a pitch by Ryan Dempster in the fifth grazed the top of his helmet. Maybe. Either way, he stared Dempster down before trotting off to first.

The top of the eighth wasn’t so lucky for the Brewers. Jorge Julio and Todd Coffey combined for 4 runs, bringing the Cubs within 3 and prompting Hoffman to warm-up in the bullpen. He could relax, though, as another outbust by Milwaukee bats let him sit back down and watch the rest of the game.

Sunday. Brewers 2, Cubs 4

Ugh. Happy Mother’s Day. Right.

The pink bats usually help, but I guess they only helped the Cubs this year. An early 2-0 lead for the Brewers was quickly erased by a 2-run homer from Alfonso Soriano off of starter Jeff Suppan. They scored 2 more and Milwaukee’s bats were silent the rest of the game. I did have a good time with my mom though, so that’s good. And it was nice to not have any Cubs fans rubbing a win in our faces afterwards. Afterall, the Cubs lost the series and Sunday’s win was nothing to gloat about.

As Monday was an off-day, I anticipated seeing some players at work. Although, of all the guys that have been spotted, I’ve managed to miss them all so far. Lo and behold, I get a text from Mol about 20 minutes too late. Yovani Gallardo was shopping in men’s dress shirts. I was already on my way out the door. Damn!

But I swear I saw Mark DiFelice. No one else did, so it probably wasn’t him. And he wasn’t as tall as I remembered. Maybe I’ll still tell people I saw him to sound a teeny bit cooler.

And last night was definitely my kind of game! While I was at my dad’s softball game and checking the Brewers game on my phone, the score never changed from a 3-2 Marlins lead.

As I walked in to Leff’s afterwards, the whole place erupted. A Rickie Weeks homerun tied it up. This was quickly followed by Prince Fielder’s second HR of the night. (His first was responsible for the Crew’s first 2 runs.) Mike Cameron tacked on a bit of insurance in the 8th with a solo shot of his own and then, Hell’s Bells yet again! It was impressive, of course, but I think that Leff’s needs to blast the AC/DC just as loud as Miller Park does. I just like pretending to have that experience.

In other, non-game news, Milwaukee signed veteran outfielder Frank Catalanotto to a minor league contract. I’m gonna go ahead and say he won’t be in the minors for long. As a left-handed bat, he could be a good replacement for the large-headed Brad Nelson, who, by the way, struck out AGAIN in a pinch-hit situation. Poor Manny Parra kicked *** last night and then that big, dumb, oaf of a guy comes in to bat for him and sucks like always. Smooth move, Ken Macha. Don’t you know this guy is worthless?

And my favorite bit of baseball from the past week was this little quote by Macha, referring to the ball that supposedly hit Ryan Braun in the helmet Saturday night:

“The league frowns upon people throwing at people’s heads.”


Go Brewers!


I can’t believe I didn’t see that game!

I missed it all.

All I can say is I hope they can do it again this season.

I had a pretty good reason for not watching last night, but other than the couple non-televised games, I haven’t missed a game yet. It was one hell of a game to miss.

Immediately after my date was over, sometime around midnight, I checked my phone to get my Brewers Won! or Brewers Lost. text message. Fortunately, it was the former, but I was NOT expecting that score, not with Parra vs. Arroyo. Holy eff. 15-3!

Scrolling down to the numerous other texts, I see one from someone I haven’t seen or spoken to in a couple months: Your boy Braun had a gslam tonight!

Super. Not only was it a total offensive blowout, but I missed Ryan’s grandslam! Checking into the box score, Parra had a 5-run lead before he even set foot on the mound. JJ Hardy’s bat seems to be working still and he rocked a first inning 3-run homerun to add to the first 2 and Braun comes out in the top of the second and belts his second career grandslam. And he wasn’t done, he finished the night with another RBI. Because, you know, you can never have a big enough lead.

And, as if the 10-3 lead going into the 9th wasn’t enough, Dusty Baker wanted to preserve his bullpen, so he throws his shortstop on the mound to face the heart of the Brewers line-up. He then proceeded to strike out 2, but gave up 5 more runs in the process, including a Prince Fielder homerun. Thanks, Dusty!

So, I missed the entire game, but it’s totally okay. I had a pretty good non-baseball night.

Buuuuut, this weekend is going to be very full of baseball and other things, so don’t expect a post until another big recap.

Tomorrow is Danny Gokey day here in Milwaukee. You know Danny. American Idol Top 3 finalist? Anyways, Mol and I will be checking him out tomorrow afternoon before we meet up with Nik and head to Miller Park, where the Brewers are going to ride their insane momentum to a Cubs sweep! And, where, the Danny Gokey fesitivities will continue as he sings the National Anthem and throws out the first pitch. As if just going to the game weren’t exciting enough!

And since I’ve already done a 3-day stretch of Cubs games this season, I’m taking Saturday off from baseball to go skydiving. Yes, skydiving. Nik’s husband just turned 30 and we’re celebrating in the craziest way we possibly can. Right now, totally looking forward to it, but we’ll see if the mood changes when I’m up in the plane with my life strapped to an instructer! Eeeek!

But then Sunday, it’s back to Miller Park to wrap up the Cubs series and celebrate Mom’s Day with, well, my mom. Now, the last time just she and I went to a Brewers/Cubs game together, the Brewers won and clinched the Wildcard and neither of us were in a very, um, sound state of mind by the end of the day. One can only hope that since we both have to work on Monday that we’ll only get mildly drunk. One Long Island each! One!

So, anticipate a big post come Monday and I’ll try to take some good pics this weekend. I miss posting pictures. It livens up this little blog of mine.

Looper vs. Owings at Great American Ballpark tonight.

Go Brewers!!!


A little recap…

The Brewers split their 4-game series against the Diamondbacks this weekend, starting and ending with wins.

Of course, I had to attend one of each. (I have yet to get 2 wins in a row.)

Thursday, win, Friday, loss, blah blah blah.

Saturday, the ladies and I suited up and headed out to the left field bleachers at Miller Park to be close to our favorite Hottie, Ryan Braun. When we arrived and saw Chris Duffy standing on that worn spot in the grass, we figured it was just a night off. We were disappointed, sure, but Sunday was Ryan Braun bobblehead day. He needed to rest up, because, as history has it, the bobblehead generally has a big game that day. No big deal.

The game was a crappy one, including the giant group of ungrateful, drunk underagers that maintained everyone else was sitting in their seats, even though no one could produce a ticket to prove otherwise. I got flipped off by a little girl wearing a denim mini-skirt with yellow leggings. She was wholly inappropriate and interrupting and all I said was she was an inconvenience, everyone around me agreed, and she got upset. I wanted to grab that finger she waved in my face and break it, but since I’m 25 years old and was far from being nearly as inebriated as she, I played nice and held back. Eventually we moved away from them and attempted to enjoy what was left of that awful game.

Sunday, quite tired, the ladies and I met up again, headed to Starbucks, then proceeded to the drunk lot, where, I believe for the first time ever, none of us consumed a single alcoholic beverage. Weird. Not in the game, either. Again, we were near left field, and this time, we see resident suck artist Brad Nelson. What? Where’s Ryan? (Chris Duffy eventually filled in, after Nelson proved to the world that he deserves to play no higher than Single A ball. Maybe. 0-16 now?)

Break out the Blackberries. Ryan Braun is out with a stiff upper back. Huh. Wonder how something like that got by me, got by all of us. Someone would’ve surely known about that. Weird. So, it’s Ryan Braun bobblehead day and those little bobble-y figurines were about all we saw of him. Well, we borrowed some binoculars to catch a glimpse of him in the dugout.

Sunday’s game was much better for us. Dave Bush pitched a hell of a game. Well, up until the 3 homeruns he gave up in one inning to tie up the game. Oops. But, the Brewers charged back with a Chris Duffy RBI groundout in the 8th and Hell’s Bells came on to win it again. I love Trevor Hoffman!

My record so far is 4-3. I like being over .500. I hope I can stay above it after the 2 games against the Cubs this weekend!

But tonight, the Brewers had me a little worried. PNC Park, a place of past nightmares for Milwaukee, was seeming to go that direction once again. Not only was Braun still out, he wasn’t even at the park yet. Bill Hall subbed for his first Major League start in LF and Casey McGehee garnered only his second start for the Brewers, his first at 3rd base. Hall dove for his first catch in the first inning and came up with a hamstring cramp which took him out of the game. Mike Cameron slammed into the wall and looked like he was going to be done. He was a trooper, though and managed to stay in, while Chris Duffy filled in for Hall.

Yovani Gallardo had another quality start, and coming off his last game, you could imagine he felt he had a lot to live up to. But he stayed in it, despite allowing 3 runs early on. Pirates started Paul Maholm blanked the Brewers after giving up 1 run in the first. He came out after 7 1/3 and I’m not quite sure what John Russell had in mind when he went through 3 more pitchers to finish out the 8th. Milwaukee tied up the game at 3 apiece with a Ryan Braun pinch-hit 2-run double. Love that guy. He doesn’t even show up in the dugout until the 5th inning and then he goes and does that. Then stays in the game to play left. Awesome. Then Mark DiFelice came out to pitch for the Crew in the bottom of the inning and Pittsburgh was only able to muster up one more run to regain the lead, but a poor outing by Pirates closer Matt Capps in the 9th. JJ Hardy had the go-ahead RBI with a sacrifice fly, then Rickie Weeks hits this 3-run bomb to left field. I was jumping on the bed at this point.

And then, of course, Trevor Hoffman saves the day.

Man, I love Brewers Baseball!


We cry ‘FOUL,’ good sir!

The Miller Park crowds and my immediate Facebook status said it all last night. (Do I dare get censored again?)


(Too much?)

Have I seen blown calls in my day? Of course. We all have. Have I seen such a horrible game-changing blown call, with such blatant evidence as a mark in the dirt where the ball clearly landed in foul territory? Actually, I don’t think I have until last night.

After rallying for the lead in the 7th (again), the Diamondbacks had just tied the score at 2 in the top of the 8th and, with 2 outs, there were 2 men on base. Todd Coffey was on the mound to face PH Tony Clark and that’s when it happened. Initially, I couldn’t see where the ball landed on TV and judging by Ryan Braun’s slowed reaction in left field, I assumed it was foul. But apparently, I was stupid for assuming that, 2 runs had already scored and thousands of fans in Miller Park were loudly disagreeing with umpire Brian Gorman.

I maintain that, at best, the game should’ve been tied at 2 going into the bottom of the 8th inning, but Gorman maintains the ball was fair. There is no replay option for disputing fair or foul balls that are not homeruns, and I understand that baseball isn’t the type of game that should be instituting all sorts of technology like that. Baseball is a pretty pure sport that’s been around forever and shouldn’t really be messed with. And, with 162 games a year, how likely is it that that one blown call will determine a team’s fate? Probably not very likely at all.

Regardless, the game, up until basically that point, was a pitcher’s duel. Not my favorite kind of game to watch, but Manny Parra did his thing last night. And although he left the game on the hook for the loss (with only one ER), the little bit of offense the Brewers were able to kick up took that away the following inning. Both Parra and Diamondbacks pitcher John Garland had a hell of a game going. The game was never a run away for either team and it probably shouldn’t have become a 3-run game. But it did. There isn’t anything anyone can do about it now.

Tonight should be different. I’ll be there with the ladies, drinking Long Islands and taking lots of pictures, like we always do. We’re good luck charms, I think. The navy flipflops have been serving well lately (and the bridesmaid shoes helped the Crew in the 7th last night, but that’s all the luck they had in them, I guess.) and even though we will not be in the Club Level tonight, we’ll still be screaming as loud as we can. And maybe taunting Brian Gorman. Just a little.

It’s Braden Looper (2-3, 2.45 ERA) and resident Arizona scrub Dan Haren (2-3, 1.45 ERA) squaring up tonight. I’ve attended both of Looper’s wins, so that’s something on the Brewers’ side. I think Milwaukee will want to get some revenge tonight, and they most certainly deserve it, but they’re going to have to be careful. Haren’s been on-point lately. Either way, I think they can pull it off.