September 2009

“Baseball been berry, berry good to me”

The season may be over here in Milwaukee, but Miller Park has seen it’s second consecutive year of 3 million plus fans. For me, the home season started with a win and ended with a bang, all in all bringing my record this year to 12-10. (Clearly, the Boys prefer my presence more often than not.)

Some of the best moments from Miller Park this season? Well, why don’t we take a look back…


April 10 vs. Chicago Cubs

Opening Day was finally upon us. Ryan Braun belted a 2-run homer to take a 3-2 lead. Reminiscent of the final, Wildcard clinching game to end last year, no? It would be the only game of the series that the Brewers would win, but the weekend was pretty damn fun. I’m already looking forward to Opening Day 2010.


April 27 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

As if free Club Level seats weren’t enough, the Brewers were in the midst of that crazy winning streak against the Pirates. Not only was this game a come from behind win, but it was a one-inning undoing of Matt Capps for the Crew to secure a 5-run lead. It was also Trevor Hoffman’s first appearance at home and even though it wasn’t a save situation, it was the first of many times I’d hear Hell’s Bells. Amazing.


May 8 vs. Chicago Cubs

It was Danny Gokey day in Milwaukee and I was just as pumped to see him sing the National Anthem as I was to attend the 4th of many matchups against the Cubs. The Brewers won, Aramis Ramirez separated his shoulder and it was way back when when JJ Hardy still contributed to the team. His homerun put the Brewers on top and then Hell’s Bells came out and saved it.


June 24 vs. Minnesota Twins

This was probably the hottest night ever at Miller Park, but I stuck it out, even though the Brewers were down late in the game. I honestly don’t remember the details, but what I do remember is missing an entire play that put Jason Kendall at 3rd base, and then a throwing error scored him to tie it up? Honestly, that may not even have been the case. Either way, Milwaukee came out on top and it was a pretty exciting game. Just really hot.


July 25 vs. Atlanta Braves

The Hottie worlds collided that night at Miller Park. Ryan Braun and Ryan Church faced off and although neither did anything particularly spectacular, both were equally hot and I was in heaven. And the Brewers won 4-0.


August 30 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

The winning streak was broken up already and the week prior, the Pirates swept the Brewers. But the Brewers returned the favor this weekend at Miller Park. Jeff Suppan had just come off the DL and was making his second start, just in time to finish out the sweep on his own bobblehead day. It also helped that it was a Leff’s sponsored tailgate party and so the game would’ve been a blast anyway.


September 23 vs. Chicago Cubs

Already having dropped the first 2 games of the series, and on the verge of being knocked out of playoff contention, Milwaukee managed to pull off a win in the final showdown with the Cubs. It was the last time Mol, Nik and I would all be together at Miller Park and also was the last time we’d hear Hell’s Bells played. (Tear.)


September 26 vs. Philadelphia Phillies

There are many reasons this final game is so memorable. Let me start from the beginning. Nik and I were enjoying some drinks in the parking lot when we see 4 golf carts go by with what appears to be a large amount of Brewers. Indeed, it was nearly the entire bullpen! As part of Fan Appreciation weekend, they were driving around giving out tshirts and other things to the tailgaters. We missed out on the giveaways, so we headed in to Miller Park for the final time this season.

Since we were sitting in the seats from my 9-pack, I didn’t even need to look for the location. We got to our section and a guy was sitting in my seat. I politely asked him to move, he asked was I sure he was in my seat, I said yes and he moved. We watched nearly the entire game from these seats. About 7 innings later, my dad texted me, pointing out we were 1 section over. Oops. But, as Nik, Mol and I always say, if you’re cute and act like you know what you’re doing, you can get away with pretty much everything. This guy just got up, like he was wrong. We all had a good laugh about it.

Also, it’s the last time that I’ll eat Cactus League nachos this year. That in itself is so sad, as I will be craving them again until next April.

Basically since we left the house, Nik and I had been talking about how Ryan Braun needed to hit a big homerun that night, as it had been over 2 weeks since his last one and since it was our last homegame, we really wanted to see it. After the Crew tied the game at 5 apiece and Trevor Hoffman held the Phils scoreless in the top of the 9th, I kid you not, this is the exact text conversation I had with my friend Mark G.

Mark: Let’s go T. Hoff!

Michelle: Hells yeah. Need my last game to be a win!

Michelle: Counsell singles. RB walkoff for the win. Calling it now.

(Counsell singled.)

Mark: That’ll work!

Mark: One down.

Michelle: My plan is working!

(RB walkoff homerun.)

Michelle: Woohoo!!!

Michelle: Called it. My texts are proof!

Mark: U did indeed! That was fun!


And it sure as hell was fun. Excellent last game, if I do say so myself.

I’m so greatful that I had such a blast at Miller Park this season. The Brewers may not have done as well as we fans would’ve liked, but you know, that’s just how the game goes. Baseball is full of ups and downs and, unfortunately for Milwaukee, there were just more downs this season. I still have a great time watching my Boys, no matter what. What can I say? I’m a lifer!

And to prove my loyalty, I’m closing out the regular season at Busch Stadium where the Brewers will take on the NL Central Champion Cardinals. We were all hoping these games would mean something when we planned the trip, but I’m just happy to get to see all the Boys one last time before next season.

This week is a busy one for me, so this will probably be my only post until I get back from St. Louis. But there will be lots to talk about, I’m sure.

Go Brewers!


Chris Narveson! Who knew!?

When I found out Narveson would be starting one my final games at Miller Park this season, let alone against the Cubs, I had to just grin and bear it. The Brewers season was over, afterall, but I don’t ever like to go into a game with the anticipation of a loss. Even though Narveson won his previous start, Milwaukee had very little to show for so far in the series, amassing a measly 4 runs in 2 games, while giving up 17 to Chicago.

As it turned out, I had absolutely no reason to be worried.

After Nik, Mol and I settled in to our seats, we looked around at the poor showing for a marquee game. Attendance was just over 31,000 for the night and we girls pretty much just got to chatting about anything other than the game.

All of the sudden, it’s the top of the 3rd and my most hated Cub, Reed Johnson, leads off the inning with a double. As I groaned the obligatory, “I hate Reed Johnson,” I glanced at the scoreboard to see that his hit was the first allowed in the game and Narveson had already recored 3 strikeouts. And then Johnson was unable to score. Darn!

The Brewers walked away with a 3-2 win last night, all 3 runs coming via the longball. Prince Fielder smacked a 2-run dinger, his 42nd of the year, in the 4th and also coasted above Poo Holes in the RBI column once more, now with 131, while Jody Gerut added that 3rd insurance run in the 6th.

The obvious hero of the game was Chris Narveson, though, striking out 10 over 5 2/3 innings, only allowing 4 hits. The only mistake he made was a first-pitch fastball to Cubs starter Jeff Samardzija to start off the 6th. That mistake didn’t end up costing the game, but it was Samardzija’s first major league hit, so I’m sure he felt pretty good about it. After that, Narveson padded the already impressive strikeout total by fanning Tyler Colvin and Derrek Lee before being pulled after throwing only 70 pitches.

Todd Coffey made his amusing sprint to the mound in record time to then finish out the 6th and the only other Chicago run allowed came from a small string of hits put together while Police Academy’s Tackleberry look-a-like David Weathers was on the hill in the 7th. No biggie though, as Felipe Lopez, second baseman extraordinaire, was able to pull off a very close play at first, then had an amazing line-drive catch to end the inning. If it wasn’t a WebGem, it certainly deserved to be. Claudio Vargas pitched a scoreless 8th, proving me wrong in my wavering trust in his abilities, then before we knew it, it was Trevor Time. Hoffman recorded his 35th save of the season and added to his All-Time lead, now standing at 589.

Chris Narveson looks to get at least one more start this season, but with Monday’s scheduled off-day, it could turn into 2. I’m pretty much sold on him to get as many in as the powers that be deem worthy. I know last night could be a fluke, but it could also be a window into what this guy’s capable of. I’d like to think of it as the latter. Narveson deserves to be seen and deserves to be put into consideration to stay with the team for 2010. I realize the Brewers have other, far more pressing pitching issues to take care of in the off-season, but throw Narveson in the mix. I’m pretty much all over that guy.

So tonight the Phillies look to close in on the post-season, sending J.A. Happ (10-4, 2.77 ERA) to the mound to face Jeff Suppan (7-10, 4.76 ERA).

The Phillies lead the NL East by 6.5 games over Atlanta, whose elimination number is 5. It’s a possibility during this 4-game series that Philadelphia, unless Milwaukee can hold them off, could be celebrating once again at Miller Park. Last season, of course, we all remember Philly winning the Division Series and the champagne being uncorked in the visitor’s clubhouse. The Brewers need to embrace the spoiler role and do everything they can to not let that happen again this year.

Go Brewers!


Grape Nuts contain neither grapes, nor nuts. Discuss.

These are just a few topics from the weekend that I’ve got an opinion on. Feel free to “tawk amongst yourselves.” Or, you know, leave your own opinion on the matter.


Brewers win 5 in a row!

The Crew has won 8 of their last 10, including sweeps of both the Diamondbacks and Astros, as well as a series split with the Cubs. The playoffs seem to be all but drifting away, yet the Brewers aren’t content, and I’m glad to see they’re still taking the field with their chins up. All it will take to officially be knocked out of the NL Central is a Cardinals win, but if Milwaukee can manage to keep winning (I can dream, can’t I?), the Wildcard isn’t entirely out of the question.

The Cubs are in town for their final showdown with the Brewers starting tonight, with Braden Looper (13-6, 4.89 ERA) going for his 14th win. Looper notched lucky #13, a career high, last Wednesday at Wrigley Field. Chicago has replaced scheduled starter Rich Harden with Tom Gorzelanny (5-2, 5.29 ERA). Harden was done after only 3 innings last week facing Milwaukee and this will be the first time the Brewers lineup has seen Gorzelanny since being traden from Pittsburgh.

Keep up the momentum, Boys, and kill those Cubs!


Corey Patterson doesn’t stike out. For once.

That’s right, Patterson swung at a pitch and it actually went into play. And then he was picked off. Super. Who is this guy and why is he here again? It seems like he’s trying just as hard as former Brewer Brad Nelson. I’m over him.


Milton Bradley suspended for remainder of season.

The same Milton Bradley who’s done nothing but cause trouble for every team he’s ever been with has been formally sent home for the final 2 weeks. The powers that be in Chicago had enough after Bradley reportedly said some nasty things about, not only Cubs fans, but the entire Cubs organization. I can’t say I blame them for sending him packing. Is is just me, or does the guy ever realize there’s an actual game going on? He was picked up for 3 years over the winter and stands to make $30 million. Astounding. Good luck with that, Cubs. Not only does Bradley hate playing for your team, but he pretty much flat-out sucked this season. It’s gonna be hard to unload that guy. Although, I can’t imagine why. He seems like a real sweetheart…


Gallardo shut-down for ’09.

Yovani Gallardo made his 30th and final start for the Brewers yesterday, to a pretty sad weekend crowd of just over 30,000. (My guess is no one wanted that Doug Melvin Bobblehead.) I guess I just don’t understand a world full of pitch counts and innings limitations. If it were up to me, I’d let Gallardo finish out the season. Especially after what he was able to do yesterday to round out the sweep of the Astros.

Yo went 5 scoreless innings, with 7 Ks, 3 hits and 3 walks, all with only 77 pitches. Those 7 strikeouts put him over the 200 mark, making him only the 4th pitcher in club history to hit at least 200 in a season. Rounding out 2009, Gallardo was 13-12 with a 3.73 ERA and struck out 204 over 185 2/3 innings.

I say, with Manny Parra still up in the air, Gallardo should have one more start this season. But I suppose I get that he missed nearly all of last season and the club doesn’t want to push him, especially since he’s the future ace of the Brewers. Okay, fine. Shut him down. But I’m not gonna be happy about it.


Cecil Cooper dismissed.

Really, Astros? Your team is out of contention. They have no chance left this season. Sure, Coop let them slide to 9 under .500 in the last 2 weeks, losing 7 in a row. Sure, they just got swept by a team that’s only 4 games ahead of them. But you know, there’s only 2 weeks left to play. Other than spoilers, what role do the Astros have? None. Let him keep his job until the end, at least. Who or what could that possibly hurt? It’s a hard decision for any ballclub to make to fire a manager, coach, whoever. It would be different if Houston was in the forefront leading up to those 7 losses, but they really weren’t. What’s done is done, but it’s a tough break for Cooper. I hope he finds a team for next season. I really like that guy.


Melvin questions roster expansions.

As he does just about every year, Brewers GM Doug Melvin had some things to say about the MLBs rules regarding September call ups. I never really thought much about it, but I have to say, I reluctantly agree with Dougie. (Only reluctantly because he’s not been on my good side this season.)

Go right ahead and let rosters expand from 25 to 40. Let the teams call up as many or as few guys as they deem necessary. I believe September is a good time to let the minor leaguers get a taste of the Bigs and I think it’s a good time to throw some extra arms in the bullpen and put some extra bats and gloves on the bench. I think, however, there does need to be some regulation on a game-to-game basis.

Melvin proposes that, after September 1st, teams must submit a limited roster prior to the start of each game, thus evening the playing field. I like the proposed limit of 30 players per team. It still makes each manager strategize before and during a game, yet limits the scenarios of countering pitchers and hitters, which could seemingly go on forever this time of the season.

I think 30 is a good number, allowing a team to put extra players in both the bullpen and on the bench for any number of situations throughout a game. Limiting who a manager can use per game keeps the game interesting, yet fair.

So keep on pushing, Melvin. I’m all for it.


Prince sets some new records.

Prince Fielder tied Cecil Cooper’s single-season RBI record at 126 and went 5 games without another one. Fielder finally broke the Brewers record on Saturday, with Cooper in attendance, as he did it against the Astros at Miller Park. Not only did it take him 5 games, but it took him 3 tries that game just to knock in that one run. He finally did it though, and the hometown crowd couldn’t have been happier.

Prince also broke a 9-year old club record for walks in a season held by Jeromy Burnitz. Yesterday, Fielder walked for the 100th time. He also hit his 40th homerun during yesterday’s 6-0 shut-out, making him just the 2nd player in Brewers history to have two 40 homerun seasons. I’m gonna say that he’s got more than 5 but less than 10 more in him in the remaining 13 games. I doubt he’ll hit 50 again this season, but he’s gonna have a big finish. And I think he’s gonna be ahead of Poo Holes in RBIs at season’s end.


The creepiest mustache ever.

I am a fan of high socks. I am a fan of stirrups. I am not a fan of people that look like child molesters.

There have been some amazing mustaches in baseball over the years. This is not one of them.


Brendan Ryan #13 of the St. Louis Cardinals laughs during batting practice prior to the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium on August 19, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.

And that’s only the beginning. And only slightly less creepy than what Cardnials SS Brendan Ryan currently has growing on his upper lip.

The full-on thing not only ages Ryan by about 20 years, but it makes me want to grab all small children in his vicinity and run the other way. Creep-o.



Okay, that’s all. Just wanted to get some of that stuff out. This week is gonna be crazy for me, what with it being the final homestand for the Brewers, and all. I only have 2 games lined up for the week, but they’re doozies.

Wednesday will mark the last time my ladies and I will all be at Miller Park together this season. It’s only a little sad though, since we’ll all be in St. Louis next weekend to give our Boys a proper send-off. On the bright side, every time the Brewers play the Cubs and the 3 of us are all there, the Crew has come out on top. So that’s promising!

Saturday, Nik and I will use up the last of my 9-pack tickets and will officially say farewell to Miller Park until April 5th, 2010 when the season begins anew. I must say, 2009 has been a little bittersweet but I most definitely look forward to the next 2 weeks and everything they have to offer.

Go Brewers!


Making a Case(y) for Rookie of the Year

The Brewers season has been marred by injuries, poor starts, fatigued bullpen arms and too-high expectations. There have been some bright spots, however. Prince Fielder has tied the club record for single-season RBIs, Ryan Braun has become the second fastest player to reach 100 homeruns, new addition Trevor Hoffman is padding his all-time saves lead and Alcides Escobar is finally getting his time in the Major League spotlight. Despite the standings, the list could go on and on.

In addition to all that, Casey McGehee, added to the 25-man roster back in April as a bench player, has gotten his first full season with a Major League ballclub and has proven himself as a valuable asset. More than that, McGehee has become a legitimate contender for NL Rookie of the Year. I think it’s unlikely that he’ll win the honor, but let me plead the case on why I think he should.


Top 10 NL Rookies

Everth Cabrera, SS, San Diego Padres

Chris Coghlan, OF, Florida Marlins

Chris Dickerson, OF, Cincinnati Reds

Dexter Fowler, OF Colorado Rockies

Travis Ishikawa, 1B, San Francisco Giants

Garrett Jones, OF, Pittsburgh Pirates

Andrew McCutchen, OF, Pittsburgh Pirates

Casey McGehee, IF, Milwaukee Brewers

Gerardo Parra, OF, Arizona Diamondbacks

Colby Rasmus, OF, St. Louis Cardinals


Those 10 guys represent the top hitting performers of all NL rookies this season. I’m going to break down the top categories by where Casey ranks and who’s got the highest ranking, for a quick comparison.

G: 101, 6th (132, Rasmus)

AB: 303, 7th (436, Coghlan)

H: 92, 6th (132, Coghlan)

AVG: .304, 1st

RBI: 58, 1st

R: 51, 7th (72, Coghlan)

HR: 15, T – 2nd (19, Jones)

TB: 155, 6th (192, Coghlan) 

SLG: .512, 2nd (.586, Jones)

OBP: .368, 3rd (.376, Coghlan)


Out of the top 10, it’s obvious there are 2 names that are standing out way above the rest. But that’s not to say McGehee hasn’t proven himself worthy. What it’s really going to come down to is the voting. Garrett Jones has playing time in the majors over the last 4 seasons and the Pirates have pretty much accepted this season as a failure. That’s not to say what Jones has been able to do, despite Pittsburgh admitting 2009 was a terrible year, isn’t impressive. (And he’s def making the revamped Top 10 Hotties list. But that’s to be continued on a later date.) Chris Coghlan is absolutely a top contender for the award, and rightfully so. The kid has pushed his way to the top 5 in all batting categories and it’s going to be hard to see how he couldn’t win it. Another guy worth mentioning is another Pirates outfielder, Andrew McCutchen. His arrival to the big leagues was much-anticipated and it’s clear why. Despite not leading any categories, his name shows up pretty consistently in the top 5, as well. And his defensive skills are pretty on-point.

My plea for Casey McGehee is the fact that he started off the year basically as a bench player, working in a 3-man platoon at the Brewers’ hot corner with Craig Counsell and Bill Hall. Fortunately for McGehee, a rather unfortunate season-ending injury of everyday 2nd baseman Rickie Weeks afforded McGehee consistent playing time, splitting duties at 3rd with Hall and 2nd with Counsell. He was good at 2nd, but it became clear 3rd base was a more comfortable fit. Still, Hall was on the team and as a tenured player, albeit a mediocre one, he garnered more starts. When McGehee did step in, he proved his worth and Hall was forced to sit more and more, eventually being traded to the Mariners, which gave McGehee the starting nod at 3rd nearly every game. Not only has Casey’s bat been hot, but his defensive skills should definitely warrant a second look when it comes time to cast the votes. Sure, he’s got a few errors, but nobody’s perfect. Quite honestly, and I’ve said it before, I know it’s unlikely that Casey McGehee will win Rookie of the Year. But seriously, I feel like this guy plays with more heart and tenacity than I’ve seen in a while. Even if he doesn’t get it, he’s definitely more than deserving of it.

So that’s it. My 2 cents on the matter.


Let’s talk a little bit about this Brewers-Cubs series though. Just a little.

I will take a split. A split is better than a loss. Especially when the Brewers scored 16 runs in the last 2 wins, and will ride those wins back home to Miller Park.

Alcides Escobar was supremely awesome last night, going 4-5 with 3 RBIs and turned 2 doubles plays, 1 of which was just beautiful to watch. Especially after that whack DP the Cubs supposedly turned in the top half of the inning. (Andres Blanco stepped off 2nd before the ball was anywhere near his glove. Neither here nor there. The Crew still won.) It took last night’s game for me to actually sit back and come to terms with the fact that JJ Hardy is replaceable and Escobar will be the way to go come 2010.

Today, the Brewers had an early 1-0 lead taken away, but Jody Gerut’s grandslam (yes, I said Jody Gerut) put them back on top, giving Dave Bush and the Crew a much-needed win.

Tomorrow the Crew comes home to face the Astros over the weekend and then the Cubs come to Miller Park for one last showdown before the Phillies wrap up the final homestand of the season. It’s kind of sad to think I only have 2 more trips to the hometown ballpark before season’s end (of course, there’s the trip to Busch Stadium after that), but in a way, once the year is over, it means the powers that be in Milwaukee can start thinking ahead towards next season. And, of course, it means I can focus all my sports energy on football.


Manny Parra will be replaced by Chris Narveson(1-0, 4.67 ERA) again tomorrow night. Narveson takes the mound against the Astros’ Bud Norris (5-3, 5.44 ERA).

Go Brewers!


Happy Birthday!

On this day, exactly one year ago, a joyous union took place between a girl with an obsession and an outlet with which that obsession could only grow deeper.



Happy Birthday, Girl’s View!!!


From that first post celebrating Ned Yost’s firing, to documenting the first Brewers postseason of my lifetime, to the Official Top 10 Baseball Hotties — it’s really been a good year with this little blog of mine. I know that I’ve fell off as of late, but I’ve got plenty rolling around in my little head that just hasn’t had time to make it to the site quite yet. Be patient, loyal reader(s)! There will be lots to keep up with all in due time!

The Brewers play the dreaded Cubs tonight. In fact, the first pitch is due any minute now. Yovani Gallardo and the Crew look to redeem the 2-0 shutout from last night and also look to close in on the .500 mark before the end of the season.

Best of luck tonight, and the rest of the season, Boys! If it weren’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be writing this.

Go Brewers!


Yes, I’m still here and yes, I’m still a Brewers  fan

Okay, okay. It’s been quite some time. Let’s talk about last night, shall we?

I started my night with a very promising Facebook status: “Brewers game. Looking forward to awesome seats (thanks, MC!), Ryan’s 100th and untucked shirts.”

Welllllll, here’s a rundown of how the night really went.

My parents and I, for whatever reason, bought tickets to last night’s game against the Cardinals, like, 3 months ago. Terrace Box seats, nothing special. My dad’s BFF Mark (the MC from the FB status) called to say he had tickets behind the plate. Needless to say, we ditched the crappy seats in favor of his. Nice.

So now, we’ve got some extra tickets to rid ourselves of. We’re standing outside Miller Park when Mark spots this guy.


That’s right. Douglas C. Neidermeyer. Bob “The Maestro” Cobb. Well, alright. Mark Metcalf. Whatever you’d like to call him, we chatted a bit (because he and Mark are such good buddies) and as it turned out, his tickets had been lost in transit somehow and he was stuck outside. Good thing we had some to spare!

The night had started out well. Celeb sighting, 4th row seats, perfect view of Ryan Braun’s butt–excellent so far.

Even better was Prince Fielder’s 2-run shot in the bottom of the first, the Cards not being able to capitalize on multiple scoring opportunities and a bullpen that wouldn’t quit. Scheduled starter Manny Parra left after a scoreless first due to neck spasms, but the ‘pen was getting out of jams left and right. My only concerns of the night? Would I be seen on TV attempting to eat a massive caramel apple and why wasn’t Top 10 Hottie Skip Schumaker in the lineup?

Well, Skip eventually entered the game and, as far as I know, no one saw me eating because no one saw me on TV.

My favorite part of the night, besides RB’s bum, and Prince’s homer and Skip being 40 feet in front of me? Claudio Vargas getting himself out of a whole lot of potential run-scoring trouble in the bottom of the 8th after St. Louis had battled to within a run. What that meant was it would soon be Trevor Time.

Now, I’d had to pee since probably mid-7th. I didn’t want to miss Ryan’s 100th homerun (I was pretty sure I’d be in attendance for it. He knows how important that is to me) so I stuck it out. Then the top of the 8th was so nail-bitingly unnerving that I didn’t want to miss anything. Then Hell’s Bells came on, so I couldn’t get up for that….right?

Ugh. Twice now. Twice, I’ve witnessed Hoffman blow a save. First, he walks Poo Holes then he has to face Matt Holliday. Along with Ryan and Prince, they’re a pretty intimidating 3-4 combo. And what does Holliday do? But of course! Hits the ball to deep center for a 2-run bomb and the lead. Oops.

Okay, so it was only a 1-run lead. The Brewers can handle this, right? Wellllllll, the bottom of the order is up, and while I hadn’t quite given up yet, I wasn’t exactly feeling as confident for a win as I was when the night began. Lo and behold, the Cardinals came out on top. No shirts were untucked. RBs 100th remains in his bat. And the Brewers continue their slide. (After today’s loss, the Crew is 17 games out and 7 under .500. Ouch.)

Was I disappointed in the outcome? Of course. All in all, still a good night? Yep. Have I asked and answered a lot of my own questions in this post? Yeah, just noticed that.

So, since it’s been so long, I shall grace you all with a few choice pictures from last night’s game.


Look! Corey’s back!



Mark and my dad, with Ryan Ludwick striking out. Ha.


Ah, Skip.




And, just because it’s been so long since my last post and I have yet to even mention it, let’s talk a little bit about Prince and the Boys’ celebration Sunday afternoon.

I disagree that it was offensive, unsportsmanlike and over the top. The Brewers, as we all know, have been on a downward spiral since well before the All-Star break and it’s seeming like there’s no stopping it. That game was OC (outta control). Spectacular defense (including that amaaaaaazing triple play!) and crazy good pitching made for a really long game, all tied up at a 1 apiece. The Giants already had the series in the bag and the Brewers had been struggling for any sort of offensive outburst. I mean, seriously, how long has it been since the Brewers had a walk-off win? I honestly don’t even remember. I say, celebrate all you want. The Cardinals started all the whining with the untucked shirts. Offensive? Get real, LaRussa. Now the Giants have something to complain about with the choreographed routine at the plate. Okay, so maybe a bit over the top, but hilarious! My guess is, that’s something they’d been planning out for such a long time, but never had the opportunity to do. And you know what else? It was at home, it was the final game of yet another lost series and, let’s face it, the Brewers don’t have much to play for this season other than to go out there and have fun everyday. And it’s really hard to have fun when you’re losing pretty damn consistently. So I say do it up, Boys! And do it as big as you want.


Go Brewers!